Sven Haefliger

Founder Zapiano.com

How it all started

"It all started when I was a child, I really wanted to learn the guitar. I was then allowed to attend weekly lessons with enthusiasm. And so it came that I often picked up the strings late in the evening with relish, until my parents suggested I should go to bed now. Tomorrow was another day ...

Later I took up the electric guitar and at the age of 20 began studying at Berklee College of music. It was here that I began to play the piano - at the age of 20, mind you. It fascinated me to quickly achieve audible results without great technical skill. In the course of time, the piano developed into my main instrument. I began to work as a piano teacher on the side. Besides making music, I became interested in learning methodology, philosophy, communication and organization - which is certainly unusual for a musician.

Step by step these different areas came together - that's how this interactive piano learning offer came into being in 2011. Here I put all my knowledge in a compact and understandable form for my piano students. The Zapiano®Method is equally revolutionary and immediately understandable for everyone. This way, I make sure that creativity & structure are in balance and that piano playing is learned holistically. I am very pleased that so many course participants write to me again and again about how they have now learned to play the piano in a new and fresh way.

By now, thousands of online students have already completed my interactive Piano courses. Although my piano courses are online, as a virtual piano teacher I am of course always available for questions."

Sven Haefliger
Founder zapiano.com

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Sven Haefliger is TedXTalk Speaker with more than 438'000 views

Check out Sven Haefliger's TedXTalk with the topic: Why most Piano Players fail. In this talk, Sven Haefliger explains the Zapiano®Method and demonstrates it directly on stage.

Musical Education

I've studied jazz and popular music in America and Germany.

Lessons and workshops with: Mick Goodrick (electric guitar), Hal Crook (improvisation), Peter Eigenmann (electric guitar), Glen Velez (rhythm), Tom Pegram (classical guitar), Dietmar Tiefenthaler (classical guitar), Lori Cotler (rhythm), Lynne Arriale (piano), Annemone Gonon (rhythm), Sarah Buechi (rhythm), Bela Balint (piano).

Methodical education

In my education as an organizational specialist, I learned how to simplify, visualize and manage complex relationships. I asked myself, "If music is so complex, can't similar methods be applied there?" 

My affinity for structure AND creativity was my flaw. These two poles seem to contradict each other at first glance. But when it comes to making music, both are equally necessary.

This is how the Zapiano® Method was born

Instead of learning everything at once, we tackle one element at a time. In doing so, we do not focus on the visual aspect alone, but involve all sense channels in a playful way. 

Learning the piano becomes not only efficient and effective, but also creative. Thousands of adults have learned to play the piano or rediscovered the fun of playing the piano with the Zapiano method.