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The new privacy policy has been completely revised in accordance with the DSVGO guidelines. To the best of our knowledge, it has been aligned with all data-processing processes. If you still find any discrepancy or have any questions, please contact us.

Contact details of the site operator

Responsible for all contents on this website is
activ music GmbH
Langächerstr. 10
CH - 8907 Wettswil
VAT number: CHE-115.843.031

The offer/service on includes "interactive distance learning courses". In addition to the online piano courses, a constant exchange between learners and the Zapiano® team is guaranteed.

Privacy Officer

The company size and complexity of customer-based data is manageable. Therefore activ music GmbH assumes the responsibility as data protection officer at the same time. Sven Haefliger is the data protection officer of activ music GmbH. If you would like specific information about your data, please contact us via the contact form.

Why we collect data at all:
Playing the piano is an incredibly large field. It starts with the complete beginner up to the professional who has been playing the piano for 20 years. In order to provide the user with the most targeted offers possible, it is advantageous to work with the most detailed and up-to-date information possible. This information is stored and processed accordingly. Detailed information can be found below in the chapter Order processing.

The legal basis

The user selects a freebie on the website (free video, PDF or similar), makes an inquiry or registers for the newsletter. He leaves thereby first name as well as the e-mail address. If he agrees to the checkbox, he agrees that the data he has left behind will be stored and may be processed. Through the double opt-in process, the user must first click on the link contained in the e-mail to confirm his identity. Only after having thus confirmed the validity of his e-mail address by clicking on the link, he will receive the freebie.

Mention of all data processing orders on the website

The data processing orders are all explained in detail in the order processing.

Handling of customer and order data

Below you will find information about your rights regarding the conclusion of the contract
1. seller
2. conclusion of contract
3. shipping costs
4. delivery
5. payment
6. order process

1. seller

For questions, complaints and claims, our customer service is available via the contact form on working days from 09:00 to 17:00 clock happy to help.

2. conclusion of contract

The presentation of the products in the online store is not a legally binding offer, but only a non-binding online catalog. If you put products in the "shopping cart", this serves only as an overview and does not constitute a binding order. You place a binding order for the products contained in the shopping cart by clicking the "Buy now" button on the order page. We will then send you a contract confirmation and access data for the course by e-mail. This concludes a binding contract. Each course order on invoice also constitutes a binding contract.

Subscription models
The courses can be purchased in different subscription models.

Monthly recurring subscriptions
after ordering, the buyer gets immediate access to the course content. Re-billing is done automatically via credit card or Paypal after 30 days. The user then again has access for another 30 days.

The buyer orders a piano course on June 15, 2018. Unless he cancels the subscription, another automatic debit will occur on July 15, 2018. The subscription can be canceled in the customer area with at any time.

- Cancellation when paying with credit card: possible with just one click in the customer account (clear marking available in the top menu).

- Cancellation when paying with Paypal: possible with only one click in the customer account (clear marking available in the top menu).

The access to the course content will then not expire immediately, but only again on the due date of the next debit date.

All recurring subscriptions will be marked as such during the ordering process.
One-time payment subscriptions

3. shipping costs

The prices listed on the product page are all final prices. Since the piano courses are distributed electronically, we deliver globally free of shipping costs.

4. delivery

The delivery of the piano courses is ready for immediate shipment (delivery time when paying by credit card: approx. 1 minute). You will receive an e-mail with the access data immediately.

5. payment

You can pay with credit card or via Paypal.

6. order process

When you have found the product you want, select the subscription model you want. A new window will open. Then please enter your data. The mandatory data are marked with *. By clicking the button [buy now] you complete the ordering process. The process can be cancelled at any time by closing the browser window. After successful receipt of payment, you will receive access to the product and a purchase confirmation within seconds.

Tracking, Cookies & Social Media


We distinguish between two types of tracking. The explanations apply to the websites

1.tracking on the website
On both websites there are several blog's and free articles and videos. We are interested in how well our content is received. For this reason we track the website hits. When registering with a credit card, "Stripe" is used as the payment processor. Here, the IP address is specifically assigned to the user.

2. tracking for existing piano students

On the subdomain all piano courses are hosted. The buyers of a piano course log in to our system to consume the learning content. Hereby the following is tracked:
- number of accesses of the user
- last access (date and time)
- course progress

We are not interested in the individual, but in the totality of the data. Which courses are well received - and which videos?

Social Media

We use Facebook as an advertising channel. The following actions are tracked:
- Lead (prospect)
- Purchase (purchase)
- View Content (click on ad, consume content).

What do we do with the collected data?

1. all data is used for internal company purposes only. We never sell or share data with third parties.

2. we focus on the prospects who have the greatest interest in our products - according to user behavior. The user behavior shows us which prospects are important.

3. now and then we will make special offers to targeted customer segments.

Who has access to this data:
The data is all processed only in-house.

What we do not do:
- Use of already completed checkboxes/forms. The user explicitly gives his consent.
- Passive "You accept cookies." notes. The user gives explicit consent.


As soon as someone signs up for the newsletter, he will receive news in the form of an e-mail at regular intervals - but no more than once a month. Unsubscribing from the newsletter is possible at any time with just one click - in the footer at the very bottom of each e-mail received. The subscription of a newsletter is confirmed with a checkbox. In order to describe as accurate information about the newsletter as possible, the newsletter is often paraphrased like this:
"I would like to be informed about special offers, updates, LiveShows and news."

Duration of storage / deletion periods

By law, we are required to store all customer data for 10 years. This can be in physical or electronic form. In the case of a revocation of a user, all data will be deleted. Excepted from this are payments already made for products that the user has taken advantage of.
The storage of Google Analytics data is 38 months. These settings are effective as of May 25, 2018.
Information, correction, objection and deletion of data.

If you would like information about your stored data, please contact us directly by means of contact form
You can also request a correction of the data at any time. You have the right to object to.

Refunds within 7 days

A refund is possible within 7 days. For more information, see the right of withdrawal in the terms of use.
Unsubscribing from the newsletter
Unsubscribing from the newsletter is possible at any time with just one click in the footer (at the very bottom) of every email received.
Deletion of your data
If you would like to have all your data deleted, please contact us using the contact form.
Right to data release and portability
Please contact us directly via the contact form if you have any requests regarding data handover.
The portability of the data is guaranteed. (csv or similar common format)

Processing directory
Listing of third party providers

Hosting is hosted on
and is also secured with a firewall from

Processing & storage of customer data

This is where all piano courses and subscriptions are processed.

We use as a subdomain for this purpose.

The SSL certificate on this subdomain is provided by

Other services also used

Payment systems

We use this service to process credit card settlements. Our customers' credit card is stored on The credit card is encrypted for us and never completely visible.

We use this service to process payments. Here, the user can freely choose whether to pay by credit card or via his paypal account.

Financial systems

No cloud services, we use a locally stored software.

Data analysis

Google Analytics

We use this service to see which offers are interesting for which customer segments.


We use this service to provide social media campaigns and newsfeed content to our users who have liked and subscribed to our Facebook sites.

When creating the processing directory, we deliberately avoided legalese. We want every user to be able to understand how we process customer-related data.

Use of photo material

The photos used on the website are licensed. We use

Other images are from our own production.

Order processing

Here you can learn everything about how activ music GmbH processes customer-related data regarding:

- collection
- storage
- further processing

It is important to mention that we never pass on customer-related data to third parties. All collected data is securely protected and backed up by multiple backups.
Who has access to customer-related data?

- Customer support department
- Finance department
- Marketing Department
- Web Development Department
- Trustees in the mandate relationship

A confidentiality agreement has been concluded with the employees of the above-mentioned departments in the mandate relationship.

Order processing contracts have been concluded with

1. survey
With the mentioned services in the processing directory we collect the customer related data. Services to collect customer data are

a.) Optin procedure & registration:


b.) Payment systems:
- Stripe
- Paypal

2. storage
Is CRM (customer relationship management) and email marketing system. The following data is stored:
- First name (possibly also last name, if the user has registered for a fee).
- e-mail address
- Time of the first contact
- Time of confirmation of the privacy policy
- Time of confirmation of the terms of use
- Activities on sent e-mails
manages course accesses, registrations and course progress of our customers. The encrypted credit card is also stored here. The customer has the option to irrevocably delete his credit card data at any time.

Payment systems

Our customers' existing and inactive subscriptions are stored here, as well as their credit card. The credit card information is encrypted for us at all times.
Here the existing and inactive subscriptions of our customers are stored, as well as their credit card. The credit card information is encrypted for us at all times.

3. processing
1. ) For interested parties who want to consume free content:

The leaves his first name and e-mail address. Hereby the agrees to the privacy rules and the terms of use. He can optionally subscribe to the newsletter. Through the so-called double opt-in procedure, he confirms again the accuracy of his e-mail address. After that he will receive the free content by mail. The opening of the links is tracked in Activecampaign. This way we can always check and improve our offer.
b. ) for active customers
The user registers for a course with credit card, Paypal or invoice order. After receipt of payment the customer gets immediate access to the course content. In order to continuously improve our offer, statistics about customer behavior provide us with information. This is not about the individual customer, but about the totality of behavior within the protected customer area.