Zapiano® Introduction

Discover the Zapiano® method from scratch.
With zero knowledge to your first two-handed piece.

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Piano lessons for beginners - according to your taste and speed

Are you looking for piano lessons for beginners? Then Zapiano® is the right place for you! We have just the right classes for you to learn the piano as a beginner. You'll never be on your own when you need help, and you can learn at your own pace - without pressure or coercion! If you want to practice the piano properly with professional and experienced guidance, you've come to the right place! 

Piano Beginner? Please this way!

Anyone who has ever tried to learn a musical instrument knows: the beginning is often hard - and learning the piano for beginners is no exception. Anyone who starts practicing the piano will quickly encounter major obstacles without guidance - this is where our piano course for beginners provides effective help. Here you will learn, for example, how to learn sheet music for the piano as a beginner, how to play and accompany your first piano pieces and practice the piano long term. Here, one thing is especially important to us - and that is you! In the selection of the songs you want to learn, the topics and skills, we pay special attention to you and your interests. 

Piano exercises for beginners online and from home

Zapiano® makes it easy for you to learn the piano from the comfort of your own home with our innovative online lesson format. You'll always have access to the course content and your beginner piano sheet music around the clock, so you can practice whenever you want - regardless of your job, your schedule, or the hours of a music school. But you're never on your own: You can ask questions at any time. This way you can always be sure that you are practicing the piano in a meaningful and purposeful way.

Try the Zapiano® Introduction course now

Well, have we sparked your interest? Then start now with the piano introduction course to learn the piano for beginners and make yourself a picture of whether the piano learning from home appeals to you. If you like it, more courses will follow very soon.

What does the Zapiano® Introduction course include?

24 Premium HD videos I sheet music I graphics & tipps




  • 24 Premium HD Videos
  • First song "Drops"
  • Asking questions is allowed

You will be able to play your first two-handed piece after this course.


  • Welcome to this "Zapiano® Introduction" Course
  • The Zapiano®Method - the 3 elements
  • The Zapiano®Methode - how we learn with the 5 senses
  • Fully understand the logic of the keyboard
  • The first 5 notes on the keyboard
  • Learn the 5 notes with your ear
  • Reading music made easy with just these 5 notes
  • Introduction to Harmony: our first 2 Chords C and F
  • Introduction to Harmony: our first 2 Chords C and F
  • Introduction to basic rhythm: whole, half and quarter notes
  • Reading music with pitch & rhythm
  • The most important and overlooked step: feeling the pulsation
  • How we use the right pedal
  • The calming effect while using simple harmony & pulsation
  • How to train hand independence
  • How we combine everything: harmony, melody & rhythm for the first time
  • Basic improvisation with the chords C and F and 5 notes
  • Reading sheet music while using all 3 elements
  • Magic starts here: adding pauses to our improvisation
  • How adding just one more note will create a huge effect
  • Improvise while using your own creativity
  • Song "Drops" - the harmonies
  • Song "Drops" - the melody
  • Song "Drops" - a big leap while using arpeggios

I'm Sven Haefliger

It all started when I was a child, I really wanted to learn the guitar. I was then allowed to attend weekly lessons with enthusiasm. And so it came that I often played the guitar late in the evening, until my parents suggested that it would be nice if I went to bed now.

At the age of 20, I picked up the electric guitar and began studying at Berklee College of music. It was here that I began to play the piano - only at the age of 20, mind you. It fascinated me to quickly achieve audible results without great technical skill. In the course of time, the piano developed into my main instrument. I began to work as a piano teacher part-time. Besides making music, I became interested in learning methodology, philosophy, communication and organization - which is certainly unusual for a musician.

Step by step these different areas came together - that's how this interactive piano learning offer came into being in 2011. Here I put all my knowledge in a compact and understandable form for my piano students. The Zapiano®Method is equally revolutionary and immediately understandable for everyone. This way I make sure that creativity & structure are in balance and that piano playing is learned holistically.

"I didn't think I would have so much pleasure [...] learning according to your method. [...] I am 75 years old and as a psychologist [...] naturally attentive to your "teaching style". My progress says: that's exactly how it should be. [...]"

- Silvia, Germany

"I'm just starting. I like the course, you explain every detail and with the three camera view it's easy to see what you're doing with your hands."

- Matthias, Switzerland